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Originally Posted by Rosefull View Post
Ooh, another thing:

I want LucasArts to record and add in that song between Guybrush and Elaine ("Plank of Love" or something...) that was going to go into one of the older games but they ran out of time to put it in. I really wanna hear it, haha.
As noted above, "Plank of Love" was in fact intended for the end credits of CMI, so this would indeed be perfect for a Special Edition. Unlike the missing cutscene in Part VI, I don't think the vocals were ever actually recorded, though. At least, that's what Dominic Armato says.

It does seem like the CMI team meant to include a number of deliberate homages to Sierra's King's Quest VI. An ending-credits love song was one. Plus, the Part IV intro scene, where the Sea Cucumber sails into the sunset before being shipwrecked in a nighttime storm, is a reference to a similar shipwreck scene in the intro of KQ6. The shot of the Sea Cucumber sailing toward the setting sun is in fact modeled on a particular shot in that analogous KQ6 scene, right down to the camera angle.

CMI also was done in a big-budget Disney-esque animation style, much like Sierra used in King's Quest VII. I guess Ackley/Ahern et al wanted to signal that Monkey Island was now LucasArts' big-budget franchise to rival Sierra's King's Quest series. Too bad that was basically the peak of the adventure game era...

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