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I say stop worrying about "canon," and judge this on the gameplay. The story takes a back seat because this is basically an action arcade type game to begin with. If you want compelling storylines and deep characters, try the RPGs... that's what they're known for, after all.

That said, I'm not saying I WANT them to use silly plotlines, but those are far less important in a game like this. It's just an excuse to get a "Dark Jedi" running around hacking people up and throwing stuff around with the Force, general chaos. If that means using every "Comic Book Death" cliche in the book, oh well...

Fewer QTEs would be a good thing too, though I still think people bashing Multiplayer (and praising the lack of it in the sequel) is a stupid thing. Maybe THEY are sick of online multiplayer on consoles, but PC gamers are far from sick of that kind of thing, and there's always the option to have a bunch of friends playing around the TV. If the whiny brats/racist poseurs/cheaters are in your own house, that's your problem.

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