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Originally Posted by ATMachine View Post
As noted above, "Plank of Love" was in fact intended for the end credits of CMI, so this would indeed be perfect for a Special Edition. Unlike the missing cutscene in Part VI, I don't think the vocals were ever actually recorded, though. At least, that's what Dominic Armato says.

It does seem like the CMI team meant to include a number of deliberate homages to Sierra's King's Quest VI. An ending-credits love song was one. Plus, the Part IV intro scene, where the Sea Cucumber sails into the sunset before being shipwrecked in a nighttime storm, is a reference to a similar shipwreck scene in the intro of KQ6. The shot of the Sea Cucumber sailing toward the setting sun is in fact modeled on a particular shot in that analogous KQ6 scene, right down to the camera angle.

CMI also was done in a big-budget Disney-esque animation style, much like Sierra used in King's Quest VII. I guess Ackley/Ahern et al wanted to signal that Monkey Island was now LucasArts' big-budget franchise to rival Sierra's King's Quest series. Too bad that was basically the peak of the adventure game era...
That makes a lot of sense.

I never knew about the nod to Kings Quest that MI made. I've never played it myself, but my dad was always a huge Kings Quest fan, and I know he played it for a long time. Makes me want to try it, haha.

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