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Dominic hadn't had time to retrieve his battle armor - he'd hardly even had time to compute what was going on. Just as he managed to get to Zen, Adeline had stood and begun to address all that were gathered. The Jedi...were attacking? Here? How in hell's name had they found them so quickly??

The Pilgrim cast his eyes around quickly. He smelled a rat.

But there would be no time for that, either. He dropped his cloak on his way up to the altar, drawing his blaster simultaneously, and outfitting it with a field scope. It wouldn't be much, but...the Jedi only had one way into this room, and that was through the main doors. If he was going to be standing in the back, he was sure as hell going to make use of the altar's high vantage point and get in whatever shots he could. The Jedi would find their abilities hampered by the ostanovium in the air, so the chances of them sensing a blaster bolt coming from a hundred yards away...

When he reached the altar, he knelt quickly before Adeline. He didn't wait for permission to stand again. "Your Holiness," he said quickly, "We're fighting here? In this room?" The Gathering Room was large, yes, but it was just large enough to fit their gathering. To think of a battle with a Jedi here...well, the Jedi weren't really the ones he was worried about. Lightsabers would score the walls, but what little space there was left in the room would cramp them and their advance. The main doors, too, would help to bottleneck their forces, allowing only a few through at a time. This would be a perfect place to meet a Jedi contingent in battle...but he was worried that it wouldn't only be Jedi in the attacking force. Republic blasters would be a little more difficult to handle.
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