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Originally Posted by Gιygαs View Post
That people make video games.

Bioware wasn't all bad, but they weren't the best either. But, they were the ones who created Kotor, so we should be happy that they even decided to make that story, and that Obsidian continued it in a more realistic way. I really don't see the point moaning about how TSL is being retconned by TOR, since it isn't up to us to determine canon. I do, however, despise how they added to Revan's story, giving him the classic evil Sith background. For once, Star Wars made sense in TSL. And so many people "worshipped" Revan because he was a mystery, a person who had a sense of individuality rather than a collective mind like the Jedi and the Sith both. He probably was one of the best minds in of his time.

Think about it, he knew what sacrifices had to be made for the future, he outwitted and outperformed the Mandalorians, who were known to be the one of the best fighting forces in the galaxy. (Plus TSL made the Mandalorians seem less like mindless brutes). Then, at Malachor, Revan defeated the Mandalorians in one swift move, and sacrificed those men who were not loyal to Revan. He then converted all those people to his cause.

I liked it better when Revan was his own master, when he wasn't influenced by some sith master. But Bioware had to ruin it for us, which also ruins some of Kotor. If they were on a mission to find the Star maps, then why was it said Revan and Malak searched for them during the Mandalorian Wars? *sigh* I guess things have to be ruined for certain games.

Anyway, Bioware is a good company, but they have LucasArts which are making the decisions. So really, we should be blaming LucasArts for ruining everything.
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