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ATTACK BRIEFING: Jedi Temple, Coruscant

"Makes sense," replied Perdante with a nod. "Also, this may seem odd for a Sith to say, or at least a former Sith, but I don't want too many people getting killed here. All these 'Found' members sound like they've been brainwashed by their leader, the ostanovium, or maybe both. Unless they attack us directly, it might be better if they were captured and 'deprogrammed' than 'terminated'."

ATTACK BRIEFING: Gathering Place of the Found, Coruscant

Seeker Adeline raised a querulous eyebrow at the young man before her.

"We will not only fight the Jedi here in this room, Pilgrim Dominic," she said slowly. "The Jedi, if I know their tactics, will be crawling all over the building like dirty, disease-spreading gizka that you just can't get rid of except by poison. I want a certain contingent of Pilgrims to remain here, and all the rest to go about the building, even in the ventilation ducts, and hunt the Jedi down. Set your blasters to 'stun'. We want to save as many Jedi as possible from the error of their Force-manipulating ways. If you must kill, kill with your bare hands. All of you have been trained in the basics of melee combat."

She smiled. "Plus, it's far more satisfying to hear someone's neck break."
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