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And that was the only thing that stopped him from getting any closer to Seeker Adeline than he already was. Dominic was not one for romantic attachments, but he saw nothing wrong with being platonic friends with members of the opposite sex - and even then, he would not suppose himself to be equal with the Seeker. But friendliness would not be a crime or a sin...except that he couldn't bring himself to do it because of moments like these, when she showed the true bloodthirsty woman that hid behind her mask of perfection. He respected her as a leader and knew that, in her heart, her every action was dedicated to the preservation and spread of the Truth...but her gruesome nature often set him ill at ease.

He nodded with relief, glad that she saw the wisdom in spreading out. Should worse come to worse, they could use the Gathering Room - but only as a last resort, the location of their last stand, as a primitive army would use a castle's keep. This would be the place where the Found came to die...and take as many Force users with them as they possibly could. The Pilgrim switched his blaster to stun, and bowed quickly. "Then I will protect the Throne with my life."
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