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"Unless they attack us directly, it might be better if they were captured and 'deprogrammed' than 'terminated'."

Juhani growled under her breath. She would have prefered to go in with her lightsaber blazing but she had promised Jolee.

I'm starting to regret that promise. She thought darkly

"Like any other cult, the Found depend on their leader, in this case, Seeker Adeline, for direction. That's why she is our primary target. Without her, the Found will become lost and confused. Don't expect confronting her to end peacefully, quietly, or quickly. Her zeal is too great for her to be willing to surrender under any circumstances."

"If you need someone to stand toe to toe with Seeker Adeline then you may wish to include me in this battle." Grand master Brianna said as she walked into the room. "I hope you didin't think that I would miss this."

Juhani nodded in agreement. "I agree. I believe that the Grand Master should be included in this battle. Her combat skills surpass even mine and she would be an invaluable asset in this battle to come."
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