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Originally Posted by GTA:SWcity View Post
I'd call it more speculation: Some truth, and lots of interpretation. All she really said as a matter of fact was that Revan's motives were always his own and that he was true to himself. Which to be honest fits right into the plot outlined w/ TOR.

I will say that anyone entrusting procurement of the Star Forge to a couple lackeys is making a stupid mistake, 1300 years old or not. But in the end it was of little to no matter anyways. So he must have seen and known its capabilities before and was able to work out scenarios in either case.
agreed,a lot of speculation
if i remember correctly,even kreia says "maybe he didn't fall,maybe he was just being true to himself" even her hesitates in making that afirmation...

hummm... the emperor didn't want to show himself and lead a direct assault on the republic and the jedi at full strength, and he needed Revan to be an actual treat and wreak havok in republic space, not a weekend distraction to the jedi council.

maybe he calculated both would end up destroyed,or close to that...
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