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Originally Posted by Monkey Mania View Post
The Dig is one of the most underrated adventure games ever. Even Steven Spielberg worked on this game. There was a lot of content cut from the game due to budget and time constraints. The lost content could be restored to make an awesome special edition.

Along with HD artwork, remastered audio, and commentary.

Pictures of the deleted content.
I'm not sure how most of that would fit into the game, as they came from early versions that were very different than the final.

It would be great though if they expanded the final cutscene to include the exchange between Boston and the Cocytans that happened in the novel when Boston enters the eye. It explains how Boston was able to get out when the Cocytans never could.

It would also be great if they included the line from the novel that explained why Brink aged so much, or at the very least at least have him keep his gray hair when entering the ship at the end. I was quite confused by his changing hair when I first played the game. I thought that the ship cured his aging, but it was just a slip up due to using his regular sprite in that scene.

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