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Text interview by Shacknews

Quoting the new parts:
Regarding Social Policies:
There are 10 different branches ike 'Liberty', 'Tradition', 'Honor' and things like that. Each has a series of policies underneath them that reflect on the type of branch that it is. Honor is for military stuff. Piety might be for happiness or culture. You use culture to buy these policies. They are powerful bonuses. Under Tradition, there's 'Aristocracy' which is a +33% bonus to Wonder production.

If you get six full branches, it unlocks the world wonder called 'Utopia Project' and building that unmolested by other civs: you win the game.

If you're not playing that culture game, for example, a diplomatic, science, or military game, culture being used as a currency to purchase bonuses that drive those other aspects of the game is huge. Now culture matters. You can't just completely ignore it.

Shack: What about unique units. Are these just pallete swaps with some bonuses?

Dennis Shirk: Each unique unit in the game has its own unique abilities too.

Shack: Are these - for lack of a better term - spells to be cast or are they passive bonuses?

Dennis Shirk: Not just passive bonuses. The Roman Legion, for instance, can build roads and forts, things previously just given to the worker [unit]. As the Romans, your legions are going across the landscape and paving their own roads at the same time. There are a lot of unique units like this. They don't just look different; they do different things.

Shack: A lot of the early game in Civ IV ended up being a rush to specific tech or research: founding religions was particularly powerful. Is there any of that in Civ V?

Dennis Shirk: We have one or two rushes in place, but not on the level [of founding religions in Civ IV]. In the early game, we still want to have some minigames going on, but nothing that is going to alter the landscape of the planet. With religion, it was really fun, but extremely powerful. If you didn't go for it right away, you were out of the race.

There are little races going on. There are some natural wonders in the game now placed on the map like a mysterious crater or volcano here or there - that kind of thing. If you discover those, it will increase happiness within your civ. If you found cities next to them it's a huge boon in gold and other odds and ends. There's going to be a rush to find [natural wonders] and ruins because they give multiple benefits, but nothing that's going to be earth-shatteringly game-altering.

Shack: What multiplayer options will be available?

Dennis Shirk: We're going to have the basics out of the gate. About a month after release, we're going to add Pitboss. Pitboss will be accompanied by two extraneous modes that we weren't originally planning, but the fans keep asking for: play-by-mail and hot-seat.
That's right folks, play-by-mail will be coming to Civilization V post-release!

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