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"Right behind you, Garzo," Perdante said crisply as she followed the Jedi Knight into the speeder. She wasn't quite sure whether to call her Melany or not, so for the moment the former Sith Initiate decided to stick to protocol. The two women rocketed toward the former Czerka Corporation Logistics Complex, now known as the Gathering Place of the Found, in a speeder that was driven by a Rodian jumped up on juma juice. All for the better, because the sooner they got to the scene of their impending attack, the greater chance they had of taking Seeker Adeline and the Found by surprise.

When they arrived, Perdante held up a hand. "Wait here," she said. "Try and sense me through the Force as I go inside and surrender to the Seeker. If my Force signature disappears, or begins to disappear, signal for the attack." She clasped Melany's hand in a gesture of goodwill and camaraderie. "May the Force be with both of us. This is one battle we can't afford to lose..."


Perdante closed her eyes. At last! She had gone through with her own part in the Plan, yielded to Seeker Adeline, and now found herself shackled to the Throne of Gain. Her wrists and ankles were chained securely to the arms and legs of the monstrous chair, and a globe of transpariglass filled with a shimmering silver-black metal was placed on one of the arms. The Seeker had accepted her surrender, and Perdante, saying that she was willing to undergo Gain through Loss instead of Life through Death, was about to fulfill her word.

"You're an enigma," the Seeker said. "I treasure strange creatures such as yourself. You're a former Sith, and a penitent one. Thus, I won't kill you. You have turned yourself in, and so you've earned your right to live. Of course, it will be without your Force powers, but that's for the good of the galaxy."

She gestured to the globe with the ostanovium inside. "See this globe, little one?" she asked. "See how round and smooth and full it is? When I flip the switch, the Throne to which you're shackled will activate. Lights will go on, and the metal in the globe will irradiate. It will weaken you, and in ten minutes flat, you will have lost all connection to your Force powers. This process is irreversible. Are you sure you are willing to repent all the way?"

"Yes," answered Perdante. "My greatest gains always come through loss."

"So be it." Seeker Adeline flipped the switch, leaving Pilgrim Dominic and Pilgrim Zen to guard the Throne of Gain upon which her primary victim sat. "Congratulations. You are truly the first to find new life in this way."

Seeker Adeline left, but not without removing her double-bladed vibroblade.

"It's time," she said. "Time to defend our lives, and fight for the Truth!"
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