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Professor Vijay Pande just posted an update on the f@h blog. The v7 client is about to start a limited alpha - looks like they are integrated multicore GPU setups natively - finally!

Originally Posted by f@h blog

Here's an update on our v7 client efforts. The v7 client is a complete re-write in order to make the client more reliable, simple to maintain, and easier to include features that donors have requested. The first versions will not have everything that donors have asked for, but there will be some significant changes, such as the integration of classic, SMP, and GPU clients, the ability for a single client to handle all of these (eg multi-core + GPU) simultaneously (via multiple cores), a cleaner and more reliable GUI, much better and sophisticated tools for 3rd party developers, and in time the ability to use the FAH client to manage multiple machines easily.

The console version of the v7 client has gone through internal testing and we're starting a very limited alpha release. There are definitely some rough edges, but I'm excited to see it get this far. Assuming there are no show stoppers, I hope that we'll have something ready for open beta testing in a month or two, maybe sooner.

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