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Originally Posted by GTA:SWcity View Post
IIRC exile said something on the order of [hidden]revan being a monster
and that was part of what Kreia said, correcting the Exile.

I'm still thinking through it. I mean if he _really_ wanted the Star Forge, it was a VERY stupid idea...

However, now I'm beginning to wonder if it wasn't "conditional" strategy all along.

Admittedly not an easy change in tone for me, but it's really the only way I can make sense of this.

1) If Revan was strong of mind and will, Then Revan would take the remnants of this old technology for himself and attempt to take over the galaxy with it.

2) If Revan was not strong of mind and will, Then the Star Forge would fall into the Emperor's hands with Revan as a proxy, and things would proceed ahead of schedule (or on schedule depending).

As a contingency either way, the Emperor could have "sealed himself away" safely from the weapon. If what Canderous said in K1 was right.

What remains consistent for both scenarios would be somehow knowing that the Star Forge was limited. (Referring to G0-T0's talk about Revan, and to the Holocron on Korriban for the scenario in the wake of Dark Side Revan). This might imply that he knew of the Rakatan history himself. However this is troubling because as we know the Rakatans had been the only previous ones in possession and there is nothing to support that it had any other users in possession of it. The knowledge wasn't really widely available...Sure access to SOME of it might have been possible, but that has yet to be clarified.

I'm guessing this Sith Emperor's rival looked in vain for the Star Forge (he had one map in his possession afterall). It would certainly seem that way.

I'm still trying to figure it out, personally. What the emperor did and did not know (and when) is now starting to become a subject of interest to me.

Lots of intrigue. That's for sure.[/QUOTE]

My point about Kreia and Revan is that her opinion shouldn't be taken as the absolute truth (although other things in tsl,like Goto's opinion on Revan,sugest she is close to the truth)
I actually agree on that opinion,but there's no proof, so if he actually was being a lackey to the emperor i wouldn't consider a retcon,simply, Kreia was wrong about him...

Yeah, if the Star Forge was his trump card,that was veeery bad move...
If he knew/figured out it's limitations than it's just another asset to be used,still a powerfull one granted...
I don't remember what Canderous said(you know 2003 looong time ago lol),could you help me here

Still after the events of Kotor leading up to TSL,both the republic/jedi and Malak's sith are done and destroyed,which begs the question,why wait 300 years to attack?????and where the army that we see in TOR comes from????They were just there all this time???? or this army has just been formed?????

questions questions questions
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