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Ten Years of Redemption
Lord Spitfire

Pre KOTOR at the end of the Mandalorian Wars: The Exile seeks his future

The piece is drab and dreary. The scene is like any bus station I have ever been in, and the cashier just as caring.


Other KOTOR Characters

Malsel and Revtel

Post Mandalorian war: Revan and Malak have to deal with a very pushy narrator

The piece was uproarious from start to finish. The Narrator making Malak bald just because she could, then threatens Revan with toad sex. Kreia changing her name mid-stream because this is the wrong savior/destroyer of the galaxy, and complaining about Czerka, who sold her the oven.

Worth every minute of the read.

Pick of the week

The Lightsaber In the Gizka Statue

Post TSL: The combined crews land on another planet, and find a message from Revan and the Exile

The piece has some interesting interplay between the characters. Brianna wanting to be teamed with Mical because both spent so much time being called by a title rather than name. The one confusing point, why both are together in the same story is explained rather neatly.

The entire thing seemed to be centered on a contest, but ends rather abruptly when Bastila takes a weapon that is sort of lying around, and ends it. But we know the search will continue.

Bedtime Story

A lot of good things have been said about this story, and I agree with most of it. Perhaps Revan is having visions of the future when she tells it. Mission constantly interrupting is perfect characterization, though sucking the thumb is a bit much.

Pick of the Week

Imago: A Tale Of Two Sith.
Midnight Hawk

Alternate Universe post KOTOR: Revan tells of her own birth

The story starts out as you might expect, but as it goes on, you are drawn into the first young, then mature Revan doing everything with ulterior motives, like her mother. By the end you see the daughter is the same as well.

Pick of the week

Once upon a time...

Post KOTOR: It might have been interesting…

It was short, blast it. The story within being told started out so well, told from Jolee’s perspective, so who else could have been wise? Bastila is so upset that she takes what might have been and reduced it to terse sentences, assisted whether she wished it or not by HK47. Revan is a lot like the Jedi younglings in his amusement.

Revan's Gift

Originally reviewed 5 March 2006. That review is below;

Set during the interim between KOTOR and KOTOR II. Three years after Revan left her crew to travel alone, Mission finds a gift.

The style is clean and well rounded. The story excellent. 15 readers on the site gave Allronix a thumbs up, and they are well deserved.

Reprise Pick of the Week

the Mission with in

Ten years Post KOTOR: Mission dreams of might have beens.

The same problem with word usage. The only saving grace is that the previous works were posted on the same day.

One note, the author was young when these were written, and is now an 11 Bravo stationed in Iraq. Everyone wish him the best.

Star Wars and the Honey Pot

No specific era given: Winnie the Pooh as a Sith lord?

The piece was amusing primarily because of the subject. I keep trying to visualize Winnie in dark robes with a honey pot in one hand, and a light saber in the other.

Then I noticed this short piece was just the beginning, there were two more sections and with a bit of trepidation, I went on. By the time I reached this line;

"This is Star Wars not Star Trek! This is not fair!"

I was well and truly hooked. Not to mention suddenly remembering the scene from Space Balls with the ‘jamming’ missile.

I had to finish. It was sheer comedic genius. The captain arguing that being the good guy and hero is good, but being just one of the lower level good guys sucks, and Winnie upset at the waste of honey fighting such a foe.

Pick of the Week

In your Dreams, part 1 of 2

Originally reviewed 8 Dec 2006 over at kotorfanmedia, That review is below

During TSL: The revelations of Atton’s past.

gekkeiju had done another excellent piece here. Alike and different from the above reviewed work (Release by the same author). The setting is excellent, the piece sublime in that you fully understand why the characters are arguing, and learn more about them in the telling. Well worth a read.

Reprise Pick of the Week

Exiled No Longer

Post TSL: One last link drains away the Exile

The piece is well wrought, the people worried about their leader, everyone trying their best to heal her, but one final link must be severed.

A Jedi's Redemption
Fallen Sith Lord

Post TSL: The Exile is reunited with Revan

Remember conversation breaks.

The scene has a calm before the storm feel to it. The reunion very low key.

HK47 monologue
Childe at Heart

Your forgot a word in ‘a young man in a Republic, and a young woman in Jedi robes.’

The piece is a terse recitation of the entire first game from when he met Revan, ending when he is finally reactivated.

'To argue with those who have renounced the use and authority of reason is as futile as to administer medicine to the dead.' Now who said that?

From the one who brought you;
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