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Zen had not gotten a look at the face of the prisoner who had chosen Gain through Loss. However the back of the back of the prisoner's head looked familiar to him. Seeing that this person would be one of them within the hour, Zen saw no reason to give the prisoner the cold shoulder. He began approaching her and started to speak without even coming into contact yet.

"Jedi Knight Anna Organ, you truly are a noble fighter to have come here once again...," Zen stopped when he saw the face was not Anna's but the face of someone else. "You are not Anna Organ, please tell me your name so that I may welcome you properly."


Psycho hated stealth, but he knew when he had to use it. After Meta had disposed of the first guard he pulled out one of his tonfas to deal with another one. He brought his left hand around the guard's mouth and quickly slit his throat. Psycho hid the guard's body and proceeded to follow Meta. Once Meta began to fire his weapon, Psycho knew stealth time was over. He spotted three guards running towards the group. He tossed a thermal detonator into the air and hit it with a blaster rifle hitting all three guards. Finally it was fun time for Psycho.
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