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Dominic, who had escorted the woman to the dais once she had made her surrender, now stood by the first step down, simply looking at her in surprise and amazement. This had been the girl he'd found at the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine, he was certain of it. That Sith girl, the one who had given everything to protect the Jedi that had done her in...the girl that, by all rights, should have been dead. And yet here she was, both very healthy and very much alive. He had to admire her pluck.

But she was still an enemy, as the explosion that shook the ground reminded him. His green eyes flashed up to the great double doors that led into the Gathering Place, barred tight to stem the flow of enemies outside. He gripped his blaster tightly. He knew that it would be too easy if this girl was the only non-Pilgrim they would find tonight. The sound of Zen's voice as he spoke to the woman faded to the back of the Pilgrim's mind...because he was quickly realizing what was happening.

"She was a diversion." he muttered, taking hold of his blaster with both hands to steady the sight. His mouth went dry because he knew, somehow instinctively knew that a whole lot of trouble would be blasting through those doors at any minute.
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