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Originally Posted by speon View Post
As for Spielburg, he was apparently a big fan of LucasArts games back in the day, much more so than Lucas reportedly. He readily played the adventure games, gave feedback on them and would pester George about visiting the LucasArts people when he came to the ranch. I wouldn't be surprised if the Monkey Island movie got as far as it did because of Spielburg.
That's in the Rogue Book. That's true and all, but I don't think the guy knows what's good for a game. I know according to the interviews I've read in both the Secret History and elsewhere, neither Brian Moriarty or Sean Clark (and maybe some other "ghosts of Dig's past) ever seemed happy with his input, to say the least. That is to say, besides the troubled history some of the people reveal with Spielburg's contributions, no one has ever really just straight out gushed about how wonderful it was to work with him on The Dig.
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