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Originally Posted by clone2727 View Post
On the contrary, I've always heard that it was LucasArts' best selling adventure game.
Yep. According to LucasArts it's the adventure game that sold the most units, though I doubt it was the most profitable considering the budget it must have had. I attribute its sales to 1) Steven Spielberg's name on the box, and 2) the fact that the mid-nineties were pretty much the height of LEC's adventure popularity. The company's other sales blockbuster in the adventure genre was Full Throttle, which came out the same year.

Originally Posted by Monkey Mania View Post
The Dig is one of the most underrated adventure games ever. Even Steven Spielberg worked on this game. There was a lot of content cut from the game due to budget and time constraints.
It's not so much that content was cut for time, it's that the whole game was restarted multiple times, and in at least one case completely from scratch.

Personally, I think the the areas that a game would most benefit from in a Special Edition, graphics and sound, hold up just fine with The Dig. The game's problems come from the writing and the puzzles, and you can't really fix that with an upgrade. What The Dig really needs is an obsessive feature length documentary about its still incredibly fascinating development hell, complete with the dirty scoops and tales of ego. We also need an art gallery of all the Falstein-era background work by Ken Macklin and company.

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