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in the eyes of the hunter: tales of the bounty hunter lern Alviin

Chapter 1: the guild

nar shaddaa refugee sector docks

a trandoshan stood in the middle of the room.
"you all have been called here because you have been chosen by the newly formed hunter's guild." said the trandoshan in his native language. "i am Vossk. leader of this guild. each of you shalln be given assignments on multiple worlds. each of you have been given a base of operations: human lern alviin, you shall be given a base under dock pylon 1. wookie shylier, you shall be given a base in the frell cantina, red sector. twilek rhill, a base behind the swoop track. you all shall have to aquire armor and weapons on your ownn."
"so whats the job lizard?" asked Alviin
"thhhe on display at your ressspective basssessss....."

Alviin base

the chrome camp had a small freighter in the hangar bay, a mildly stocked armory, and a datapad which was flashing.
"ussuve fornell, crime lord on coruscant has been targeted by the hutt named grebokh. this is your training mission. capture ussuve honor the hunt. Vossk out." spoke the datapad.
"thought you'd be here lern." said a twielek female
"vossk letcha in nat?"
"natalie kiel has her ways. watcha up to?"
"well. you might need a pilot and a dispatch."
"don't think so."
natalie drew her pistol.
"trust me. you do"

"i don't make threats. i make promises."-Canderous ordo
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