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Zen heard the words come out of Dominic's mouth but it took him a few seconds to let it soak in. She had lied about choosing to join them and therefore had rejected the ways of the Found. Technically this meant she could be executed on site. However as Zen's hand went for his energy sword he found himself hesitating to do so. This woman was willing to give her life in order to help her comrades out; a truly noble thing to do in Sangheili culture. Zen respected any warrior who showed honor and nobility on the battlefield and that alone would be enough for him to let her live...but there was something more to it. The Seeker had said this woman was former Sith and she was willing to fight alongside the Jedi. The two sides were against one another, to even think of peace between them was a joke. Yet here stood this former sith willing to give her life for the Jedi. He thought Sith were just mindless killers and Jedi were emotionless figures yet this woman had proved him wrong. She had showed that her kind were not all that bloodthirsty and that the Jedi were willing to forgive anyone. Zen shook his head at these thoughts, the Jedi and Sith were responsible for his family's death. He would do anything to get them back, even if it meant sacrificing himself...just as this woman was doing now. His face usually showed determination yet now it showed confusion. Zen turned to the former Sith and took a good look at her.

"Former Sith, you were willing to give your life for your comrades. For that I shall not kill you for refusing to accept the ways of the Found. However something confuses me about you. You were Sith and yet now you are willing to sacrifice yourself for the Jedi, you're supposed enemy. Why would you do such a thing when the Sith are just mindless killers and the Jedi are emotionless figures?" Zen asked becoming intrigued yet showing his distaste for the Jedi and Sith.
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