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I like most anything that is carbonated. Hence I am always passing gas.

I used to be an energy drink aficionado until some of the negative side effects were affecting my health...I usually take 2 days to down a Bawls g33k b33r.

Love Crush strawberry, Snake River and Sioux City Sarsparillas, Jones' cream/green apple/blueberry lemonade, Teddy's root beer, Go2 Cola (yeah, that's right generic because coke and especially pepsi both SUCK), Orange soda (Watched Keenan and Kel--it's true-uuu I do I do I do-ooo), and homemade sodas are the bomb. Root beer of all kinds, actually. Faygo brand sodas (LOOOONG before ICP made it famous), Rock'n'Rye and some others...really it's all just like safeway generic brand but in a glass bottle. Bubble up lemon lime and any other "Pure Cane Sugar" sodas.

Lastly, I call fizzy stuff Martinelli's or any other bubbly cider...and I call white champagne "Fizzy-Piss" because I picked it up from watching the Osbournes. Blame Sharon.

We'll murder them all, amid laughter and merriment...except for the few we take home to experiment!

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