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Originally Posted by SyntheticGerbil View Post
That's in the Rogue Book. That's true and all, but I don't think the guy knows what's good for a game. I know according to the interviews I've read in both the Secret History and elsewhere, neither Brian Moriarty or Sean Clark (and maybe some other "ghosts of Dig's past) ever seemed happy with his input, to say the least. That is to say, besides the troubled history some of the people reveal with Spielburg's contributions, no one has ever really just straight out gushed about how wonderful it was to work with him on The Dig.
This is from PC Gamer August 1995:
The Spielberg Factor

Sean Clark (Project Leader): "What I've been told - I wasn't there at the time - was that Spielberg originally wanted to make The Dig as an Amazing Stories episode, but he realised it was a little bit too expensive to do as a television show. With all this deep space stuff, it gets expensive to build the sets. So he took it to the Lucas company and said: 'Would you like to make a game out of this? It's kind of cool, don't you think?' And that was it."

Randy Komisar (President, LucasArts): "Somebody who's as creative as Steven Spielberg can contribute in any entertainment medium. He clearly understands games. He plays games. The first copies of every single game that we make go out to a select few, and Spielberg's one of them. He even gets a copy before George Lucas. And the reason is he really gets excited about playing these games. He calls direct to product support and asks questions. He's a real gamer."

Sean Clark: "We're in communication with him. I show him stuff and he tells me what he thinks. We discuss things as we go. Towards the end of the project I expect I'll have to go up and see him quite a bit."

Randy Komisar: "We've shown it to him at crucial stages all along the process. He came up with the original concept, and he's still very interested in how the game's going to look, how it's going to play, how it's going to feel, and how his concept is executed within an interactive environment."

Bill Tiller (Lead Artist): "We're in communication a lot. I remember he said he wanted the planet to look like it was perpetually in sunset, and he wanted a lot of shooting stars. Spielberg's very big on shooting stars. We're going to have them going off randomly in the background. The whole thing's been like a curse and a blessing. He expects a lot. Every time I draw something I think, I hope he likes it, I hope it's good enough."
Not sure what to make of the quotes though

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