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ATTACK!: Dais of the Throne of Gain, Coruscant

Perdante smiled, trying to fight off the feelings of light-headedness and fatigue that were starting to creep up upon her due to the ostanovium. "The Jedi and the Sith have many critical differences," she began, "but in the end, if the Jedi are not too removed from the finite world and the Sith have not utterly lost their consciousness to the Dark Side, they are mortal and humanoid, if not human altogether." Yes. This was what she believed...

After a pause, she continued, "The reason I was willing to sacrifice myself to help the Jedi is that Juhani, the one who fought and rescued me, thought to spare my life, as you did. She could have executed me because I intended to duel her to the death, but she did not. She chose to offer me a chance to surrender, and I took it. I lost, but what's more than that, I accepted and learned from it instead of becoming bitter. The Jedi gave me a second chance, and I won't live in a world where there are no second chances."

ATTACK!: The Vanguard's Penthouse, Coruscant

Seeker Adeline waited. Those fool Jedi and Republic officers were down below, congregating and swarming into the building like ants. She smiled, like a bad parent would smile at his or her child before delivering punishment for an infraction. "They don't know whom they're facing," the Seeker said. "I have Khristoff's Truth behind me, plus several hundred congregants. Plus, my cinched little grenade belt. I hope this gives them a BIG wake-up call..."

She retrieved a grenade from her belt, pulled the pin, and dropped it into the crowd below. A massive explosion rained fire and bodies everywhere.

"Maybe now they'll think twice about their little plan," she mused, utterly forgetting that she was supposed to subdue the Jedi and not kill them. For the sake of the Truth, sometimes things and people had to be sacrificed...
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