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Zhao continued to take potshots at the various mechs in the fort when he more heard rather then saw Katsu's missle fly past and slam into a nearby mech, briefly surprising him. Wow, better stay on his good side. That was one precise shot, he thought. Zhao then noticed Xavier quite literally jumping into the fray, screaming like an Apache.

"I hope I'm not too late to the party."

"Late? You're just in time!" Zhao replied, trying and completely failing to hide the eagerness in his voice. Zhao briefly noticed Xavier's SMGs before he took out both swords.

"SMGs? You need to upgrade 'em to these babies!" Zhao exclaimed, putting away his assault rifle and taking out both of his full sized MGs, and, while firing both from the hip, began a literal bullet spam on two enemy mechs, and continued shooting at them after they had collapsed on the ground, reducing the frames to almost scrap metal.

"Let's move on and save some for Katsu," Zhao recommended, hoping they wouldn't have to deal with the squad Katsu and picked up on his radar.

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