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ATTACK!: Dais of the Throne of Gain, Coruscant

"I've often wondered that myself," Perdante replied. "Especially since I was a little girl, from the age of seven, I was trained as a Sith warrior. My Masters taught me that strength, obedience, and loyalty to a cause were far more important than such 'weak' virtues as kindness and compassion. How did I change my mind so quickly, and join my side, when Juhani demanded my surrender? I guess the answer is that I was ready to change my mind and my heart. I knew that for every person I defeated in battle and killed, I was that much closer to my own death if I happened to lose the fight. My former Master does not allow failures to live. He's probably hunting me now."

She shook her head sadly. "It would not shock me, and I would not judge or blame you, if you still seek revenge upon those who murdered your family. I would, too, except that I've gone down that path before. It didn't bring me peace. I hunted and stalked one who beat me in a simple game of dejarik--a game upon which my standing as a Sith Initiate stood. After killing him, I wept, and if my Master had heard me, he would have killed me on sight."

The glowing globe of ostanovium continued to irradiate Perdante, and the young woman sank back upon the Throne. "Zen?" she asked. "I...I don't believe that my connection to the Force is the only thing I'm going to lose after about five more minutes..." She could feel her blood pressure drop. "I'm going to go into anaphylactic shock--the true form, not just the symptoms."

ATTACK!: The Vanguard's Penthouse, Coruscant

What is that maddening sound?! Seeker Adeline, in the midst of the noise of the battle below, could hear an insistent thump-thump-thump in the air--as if someone were lurking behind the walls, trying to crawl through them. Aha! If it's those snivelling Jedi, I know what to do...

In her penthouse quarters--the Seeker's private room--there was a glowing blue console. "I'm going to gas the vents," she murmured to herself, "with a special ostanovium-laced compound that will be nearly-fatal to Force Sensitives if they don't retreat from the polluted area immediately." Pushing a few buttons, the nearly-silent hisss of the toxin could be heard.

"Good thing I have this mask," she said, slipping a respiratory breather on.
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