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There was a sickening crunch as Meta grabbed the head of the Found member nearest to him with one hand and simply squeezed. It was not a pretty scene, and some of the Found who just watched a Meta crush a man's skull with his bare hand lost their nerve and fled. The others rushed at him with vibroblades drawn and Meta would have gunned them down, though they were instead blown up by a random grenade. The blast also killed a few of his allies and injured many more, though Meta did not, could not, help them until the battle was over. Meta pressed forward, mowing down a full line of enemy combatants with one sweep of his plasma repeater. A few attempted to injured Meta from afar using blasters, though he shrugged them off easily. Energy weapons were not the best thing to use against a Versewalker. He was being precise, mainly because he wanted to be thorough. If a Found wasn't dead, they'd better be injured or they would be.

Meta saw that the Grand Master was attempting to cut through the door with a lightsaber of all things, when an explosive would be far more effective. So that's what he used. He walked up to the Grandmaster, politely told her amidst the sounds of dying and gunfire that he had a quicker way, and when she agreed to let him, he set a line of plasma grenades along the crack of the door along with a trigger. When that was done, Meta had everyone who wasn't fighting stand back and he activated the trigger. A flash of blue and white light accompanied the explosion, and when the bits of superheated plasma and dust cleared, a hole in the door was open.

“Into the breach!” Meta shouted and was the first through into the main room of the building, which was teeming with Found members and held his distraction: Perdante. Upon seeing that, she was in trouble, Meta began to slaughter his way through the crowd. He launched grenades, smashed heads, and beat them to death with their own skulls.
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