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ATTACK!: Dais of the Throne of Gain, Coruscant

Her lust for revenge was not as great as his but she had been in his place before. If killing someone over a simple game was enough to make her weep what would all of this accomplish for him. Zen had been so blinded by rage that he would have accepted any cult that would eliminate both the Jedi and the Sith. Now that reason had been brought into Zen's mind it made him think back to the choices he had made. Would his clan have approved of such mindless slaughter? This Gain through Loss, it was a very dishonorable thing to do. He only now realized the Found stood against everything the Sangheili culture represented. He looked down at Perdante who was being severely effected by the throne. No warrior deserved this fate, especially one who was so willing to sacrifice herself for others. With a mighty roar Zen walked forward and pulled the two restraints off of the chair with his bare hands. He activated his energy sword and was greeted with the familiar hiss. He sliced the two leg restraints and pulled Perdante out of the chair with his left hand. Zen stood in front of her so that Dominic could not shoot her until he went through him

"Are you strong enough to stand?" Zen asked before turning to Dominic. "Her words have truth in them Dominic. The Found tells us we must eliminate force users because they abuse the force. Who are we to decide that, we are no better than anyone else. I am going to get Perdante back to her comrades and stop this mindless bloodshed over nothing. I won't hold it against you to try to stop me but I will not fail in my goal."


Psycho followed Meta as soon as the door had been breached. He pulled out both his blaster rifles and began firing like a mad men. He laughed as he began shooting the Found members left and right.

"Oh man, I haven't let loose like this in a long time!"
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