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((Te Darasuum, I'm going to ask you again, please remove the year from your post. Also, I would also ask that you remove the fact that your character is the leader of some empire and the most feared pirate. He can have a reputation, and can be well-known, but you're taking things to a rather ridiculous extent. I also don't remember allowing you to make that many side characters.))

Dias looked across the tavern to the entrance as he saw one of the pirates he sent a letter to walk in. He walked over to the man, trying not to bump into any drunkards.

"I suppose you got my letter," Alvaro said in accented English, hoping that this particular pirate - the name of this man had escaped him - was more civil. "First off, I need to make sure you're ready to join my crew before I tell you why you were recruited. I just need to wait for one or two more people. While we're waiting, let's introduce ourselves - I am Alvaro Dias, a Portugese pirate. And you are?"

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