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Juhani and the Grand Master both ran in through the breach created by Meta and began deflecting the blaster bolts that were being fired at them. Brianna ignited her second lightsaber to keep up with the blaster bolts that were being fired.

Juhani couldn't help but be slightly frightend by how many found that there were.

"Master Brianna! I believe that we are in danger of being overrun!"

"Have faith Juhani." Brianna said calmly as she continued deflecting blaster bolts. "The only thing we need to do is disable them and I believe I have a way to do so."

The Grand master gathered the force around her and then let loose with a massive wave of force energy that sent many of the pilgrims flying backward despite the force dampening effect of the mineral they had been taking.

Brianna dropped to her knees and began to gasp for air. That had taken alot more out of her then she had expected.

"Juhani! Cover me while I try to regain my strength."

"Acknowledged." juhani replied as she saw Psycho and motioned him over to her to help protect the Grand master
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