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Originally Posted by Dr. Makaveli View Post
It could be also that they are trying to pitch their game to a larger audience, which a good number have likely not played TSL. Like just general WOW/MMO fans or gamers... it could possibly confuse outsiders, the more in depth story. Or perhaps I'm naive. :P
This has been my concern since day one, yea the graphics are 1999, the sabers are fat and everyone looks like a Cro-Magnon, but I can live with that for the sake of Cheapskate and fouryearold's PC setup. However, I really didn't want this dumbed down and sand-boxed just to draw the MMO posse... But, at the end of the day they talk a good fight and we'll have to wait and see, because to be honest 90% of what we have been told or seen is sub-contracted Digital animation and comics. Proofs in the Pudding.

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