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A sudden presence crawled toward Dominic--ashen-faced, weak, weeping. Her eyes glowed with feverish shock, and yet the sentience in them was still more than apparent. It was Perdante, in the midst of the dead and the dying, trying to find her way toward a man whom she felt WAS lost, but wanted to save from the same fate that he and his fellow Pilgrims--and Seeker--had been trying to inflict on her.

"I'm sorry I called you 'that one,' she said, humbly and slowly. Coughing a little she continued, "Before I die--if I die--please: let me be your second chance. I don't want to be a Sith, but neither do I want to fall into the same aloofness as some Jedi. Shall I have perished for nothing?" she asked. "Found One...without you, I'm truly lost..."
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