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((I know, right, Tysy?! And it's all good, FFWM12. ))

Melany stood up and glared at Dominic, the man on the throne. "Fine! You wanna give up on life and not trust others?! Well, be my kriffin' guest! I try to talk to you. I try to make peace with you. But what do I get in return...? An untrusting, paranoid guy who won't look at the bright side of things!" The young woman breathed, trying to calm down. "And to think I was beginning to like you..." Melany sadly turned, walking off and waiting for Zen to follow. "Let's go. I tried everything I could for him..."


Melany became a smuggler, looking for any job she could find. She left the Jedi Order because she didn't want to fail anymore. So, she went back to the Underworld of smuggling and did what she could to earn credits.

But now, a new threat comes. Will one of the Jedi seek her again? Or will she help only for the Galaxy, not for the Jedi or anything else? Only the future held the answer...
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