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AFTERMATH: The End of the Found...or Only the Beginning?

Long after the battle had been completed, the bodies collected, and what survivors saved by Republic medical teams and Meta's healing shield, the main gathering room of the Found now lay empty. It's walls were scorched from plasma, blaster, and missile fire and massive chunks of the floor were missing, having been uprooted during the battle and removed by cleanup crews. The complex itself was set for demolition, due to a high concentration of ostanovium still present in the air and walls, but the complex still remained and was empty. Or so the Republic thought.

Proceeding through the breach in the front door, a man strode straight into the once vibrant gathering place of the cult. He wore dark blue armor and his yellow polarized visor reflected the world as he saw it: broken, scarred, and empty. Actually, that might be a bit complementary in this case. It would be more appropriate to let his words describe his thoughts and emotions.

“OMG, a really big room!” the man shouted, and a resounding echo brought him delight. “Echo! Echo! This is awesome! It's like I'm talking to myself, but I'm really not!”

Yeah, that's more appropriate.
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