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Darasuum's Storyline

Chapter 4: Lies

"What? Yes, I believe you did send a letter to me, but I thought you were to sign over Port Royale to me! You don't look like the governor, Mister Dias, you look more like a captain. Did you say what you said in the note just because you needed my services?" Blaze pulled out the letter he had received a month earlier and read it.

Dear Mister Sharpe,

My name is Captain Alvaro Dias, representative of his highness Sir Governor William Brayne of Jamaica. I have been entrusted to hand over the city of Port Royale in exchange for 80,000 pieces of silver to join your so called republic. Please meet me at the Black Anchor at 11 PM sharp in Port Royale Jamaica precisely one month after receiving this letter.

Yours Truly, Captain Alvaro Dias of England's Lord Protector

Something occured to Blaze, what if there was a message encoded on the back of the parchment? He was astounded as he saw a message, six words on the back of the parchment.

Amulet meet at Port Royal expedition

"You sly Dog! And what do you mean prove myself, I've captured more ships in one week than you have your entire life! What do you propose?"

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