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Originally Posted by Evil Q View Post
It sucks that ATI's drivers are such a pain, because their hardware is actually very good.
time out for a sec. since when did ATI have bad drivers all the sudden?? sure, their drivers were nothing to shout about several years ago, but i can't say the same about their current drivers. these drivers have been rock solid for me, and if you're talking about "bloatware", give me a break. yeah it uses more memory than Nvidia drivers, but if you're running 4GB+ of RAM, then what difference is 6-7MB really going to make??

the past couple of driver releases have been bang on, too. ATI has been doing a great job of keeping their drivers up to date in regards to the latest and greatest games coming out, and their support for other features like Eyefinity and Crossfire are consistently improving with each release.

and yes, i do have room to complain about Nvidia's drivers. on my old system, their drivers were the cause of my system's instability (as in BSOD instability). low and behold, switching to an ATI card fixed the issue.

as for your current predicament, acdcfanbill, i'd have to say that you should consider a 5850 instead of a 5870 or a GTX 470. its considerably lighter on the power draw, and the difference in performance really isn't all that bad. its also a shorter card, too, and that makes it more desirable if you're working in a more confined case. since its a slower part, you save some money, and you'll save money in the long run as well with the power savings.

just my two copper coins.

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