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Originally Posted by Zoid View Post
I have a problem that I think this mod caused: by leaving Nar Shadaa and coming back, I somehow triggered the Red Eclipse cutscene a second time. The problem is that the Red Eclipse leader is already dead, so now whenever I board the Ebon Hawk, it's empty and I can't access the navicomputer. Is there any way I can edit my save to fix this?
Here is what I just posted at deadlystream in bug report thread:
@Red Eclipse.

I was playing Nar Shaddaa last night and yeah, it happens, and it's completely my fault. It WAS reported by HH before public 1.6 release, and I was SURE I fixed it. It seems that I did... partially. Means that I started fixing it, then left it for some time, and when I got back to it, I thought it was already fixed... but it wasn't, because I never wrote one important script. I'll get to it, and I'll probably release a quick patch to fix that issue. For now, I suggest just not entering EH after seeing Red Eclipse cutscene for the second time, OR try to avoid triggering it (that would require warping to move between modules, but it's possible).
Sorry for all problems.
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Really sorry for all problems.
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