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Originally Posted by Redeemed Jedi View Post
Speaking of Elixir you reminded me of our old family business where we mixed all our pop together (Pepsi, MD, Siera Mist, Mug & Fruit Punch) and called it a 'Suicide'.
I remember 'suicides'

It was sort of a 'ritual' drink we would all have after ball games (playing or watching). However it was never a specific recipe. We would just go to concessions & mix together everything they had at the fountains. Surprisingly good (at the time).

Never had the kidney stones (ouch RH ) but yeah, in the same boat as the stuff literally turned to poison for me. That stuff is nothing but liquid calories. I have a pretty high metabolism, but even that stuff can catch up to you if you're even a smidgen non-active. After stopping drinking that stuff.. I was amazed at just how many pounds had melted off.

Drink in moderation kids

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