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Originally Posted by Roller123 View Post
Clashes between Russia and China are not unheard of. See Sino-Soviet border conflict. Recently Russia ceded some territory to China as well. Lots of chinese are working&living in that general area, which is far closer to Beijing than to Moscow. Not to speak about difference in population amount.. Siberia 40m and sinking, China 1400m and raising.
Hm. Thanks, I will.

The US needs a source of cheap products, G2 was suggested by the US, not China. China soon will have a typical dilemma, as it gets richer, so would like the workers, but as cheap labor is what makes China richer, its either one or another. Or landgrab. Now i dont think Chinese have the spirit to do that alone, but in alliance with USA they could. That too is not unheard of.
I think I'm liking this--one who has a grasp of the practical economics and realities. Yeah, that's what has happened in America by large part.

Now that landgrab is what interests me. Yeah I can see a feud with Russia happening, however I'm not sure that U.S.A. would necessarily support China's doing that. Well, maybe it would if Russia did some things to anger the U.S. but I can't really say I see that happening, tbh. Russia's leaders might not like what the USA stands for, but they're not really interested in a conflict.

It's more advantageous (if only marginally so) for China and Russia to not fight. If China got a wild hair...maybe. Best I can tell, it (China) wants to become the next top economic power in the world and to beat nations that way instead of toe-to-toe war with their northern neighbor.

Perhaps Russia might be taking swipes at others, but really, what makes you think they are any more inclined to take up arms and go to war?

China always looked up to the U.S.A. until recently. Now they want to be the ones with power, and they are also looking to Europe for values and for trade. (Not my words, something said on PBS or somesuch.)
Basically: China is hurting too, I think. And if, as you seem to imply (please do tell me if I am mistaken what you mean), Europe is staggering and getting wishy-washy in its stances, what is to stop China from doing the same as Russia in getting or buying European support?

So far as Europe...why would you think they'd support Russia instead? Britain breaking off with the U.S. is not something I can see happening. *shrugs* So...
Europe.. its a total mess, already actually. One thing is sure, w/o US money all those "small independent democracies" aka puppet states immediately go broke and back under Russian influence. That or they go into a state of anarchy like its happening with Kyrgyzstan right now. Either way Russia will not face a 2 front war.
I'm not sure I understand...Yeah it's broke, but the U.S. would keep trying to support it--to its detriment in fact.

"Puppet states"? I wonder what they think about that assessment just because they are small and beholden. By that analogy they would be no less "puppet" under Russia's power. Is that what you call them for expediency sake because they aren't world powers? Just curious.

Anyhoo, that scenario it would have to come down to who'd make the sweetest sounding bribes/payoffs...a competition and feud which I imagine would tear Europe apart.

I don't know, but something tells me that Europe is just not that weak. They'd see what is going on, and ultimately side with whoever had the best ideals. Sure money talks, but so do liberties. Economies wax and wain. *shrug* We'll see.

Could be wrong, but I don't think Europe is so mad at the USA that it's ready to sever its ties...I see where you're going with this, but it frankly isn't that simple. Too many unknowns to be able to tell accurately.

As for the Arab thread i think its overrated because they are not integrated into world's economy.
I beg to differ: Oil, and soon possibly dirt cheap manufacturing.

Plus we haven't even gotten into USA's relationships with everyone and trying to be everybody's friend. I.E. India and Pakistan.

USA invaded Iraq, Afghanistan. Israel invaded Libya or something. Nothing happened. Noone really cares, or does anything other then talk. At a slight sight of danger they are glassed and life goes on.

again this assumes that the world goes broke first, war second heh.

God, Chome's spellcheck is awful and i havent slept the night..
*shrug* Uhh, I guess so.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.

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