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“Don't even bother.” Meta said as walked in on the growing group in his normal garments and with a man in blue armor tailing behind him. “If she wants pity, let her. I hate pity parties.”

“Oh, but I love parties! They have cake and presents and pinatas. I don't see any of those right now though, so is this a surprise party?” Caboose commented, his voice turning to slight disapproval. Adding to that, he whispered “Psst, if it is, I think you're doing a bad job at it.”

“Do you know what a pity party is Caboose?” Meta asked calmly, if a bit tiredly.

“Oh, that's a good one Meta, ha ha ha...”

“Do you?”


“Moving on,” Meta continued. “I, surprise surprise, won't be joining you on the Millennial. I know, big shocker, considering I was the one who orchestrated the Found's destruction on this planet. I would love to join you, but I've still got business to take care of here. Top secret stuff, fate of the whole galaxy, you know what I'm talking about. However, I would feel just awful at letting you, Perdy, who nearly gave up their own life as a decoy, to go out there by yourself with a Republic frigate. So, meet Caboose.”

“Hi random people and big scary alien that I have in no shape or form have ever seen before and have no fear of whatsoever.” Caboose greeted, sounding utterly unconvincing.

“Have fun. I need to speak to Admiral Onasi.” Meta stated, walking into the office after the Cathar, Juhani, left.
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