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((Let's see how much more Halo stuff we can pack in here before it becomes a cross-over, hmm?))

"Perdante, Zen." The captain nodded to them both in greeting, sizing each of them up briefly as she qued up to speak with Carth. Overhearing the call of the younger Jedi, she had tto raise an eyebrow. She was a former Jedi Knight? She found that extremely hard to believe. She looked like the only thing she'd ever been was a Spice addict...and she was going to be on her ship...

When the Cathar exited theadmiral's chambers, she stepped inside for last minute instructions and walked out a few minutes later with a datapad in hand.

She didn't stop as she went past the group, departing the area. She had a few final preperations to make before she left, and now that she had what she needed, there would be no need to stand around here.
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