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Perdante cried, "What?!" Not only had the sudden arrival of Meta and Caboose startled her, but then a lovely blue Twi'lek in a smuggler's dark and revealing garb showed up before she could bat an eyelash. Wait a second...the Twi'lek looked familiar...

"Um...Niera, right?" she asked hesitantly. "Weren't you with us on the strike team that infiltrated the Gathering Place of the Found?" After the Twi'lek smiled and nodded, the Jedi winked. "Great to see you again! Now, what in space are you talking about? Garren's in WHAT position? Is he the same Garren that aided us as a spy? And who's this Senator he's assisting?"

Admiral Onasi thought he'd better fill everyone in. "The thing is," he began, "we're fighting a sort of two-front battle. Not only are the Republic and Jedi going after Khristoff and his remaining followers, wherever they may be, but we're also supposed to keep tabs on a suspicious Galactic Senator, Plina Skelch. She's incredibly popular, and gunning for election to the highest position on Coruscant. However, we have our sincere doubts about her qualifications."

"Meaning she's an idiot?" Perdante snorted. "Welcome to the galaxy, Admiral."
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