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((If it's alright with you Shana, I'd like to get my nemesis out of the way right away.))

"Let's move on and save some for Katsu,"

Katsu looked down at one of his controls which was flashing red. The enemy mobile suits from earlier were much closer now. But the one that was ahead of the others was the one with the higher power levels.

"I reallly don't mean to bother you two but that mobile suit with the higher power levels is approaching quickly. I want you two to go on ahead and meet up with Phyxius and Hydra. I'll stay behind and take care of the battle suits. I trust that you two can deal with any enemy battle suits you encounter?"

Without waiting for an answer, Katsu turned around and began running toward the enemy mobile suit which was just coming over a hill around half a mile back.
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