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"If I were Senator Skelch," replied the former Sith, now a Jedi Knight, "I would disentangle myself from those companies, and quickly. Doesn't she know that the dangers of ostanovium have been made public, and no one is going to vote for a political candidate who is financed by companies who still use it?" She shook her head. "I suppose that if the public doesn't know that those companies still use it, then Skelch is in the clear, but not for long."

She turned to Admiral Onasi. "What else do we know about her, either personally or politically?" Perdante was curious. She didn't trust politicians.

"She is married to Xian Li Skelch, who was once the mayor of some under-developed city on a planet in the Mid-Rim. Nevertheless, she's the one in the spotlight. Plina has five children: Meredith, Chrystal, Ben, Larsyn, and Tron."

"Tron?" Perdante smirked. "That sounds more like a droid name to me."

"Nevertheless, those are her main friends and family. We haven't really delved into her family connections yet, but we will, with Garren's help."
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