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Zen bowed his head in respect at the mention of Adeline's name. She was a good Seeker when he was with the Found, and thought it truly was a shame she couldn't be saved. He looked back after a few moments of silence to find they were still talking about this Senator. He saw Perdante was still acting childish in front of her superior, something no Sangheili would ever dream of doing in front of one of theirs. Then again, she was human and they did things differently. He looked back over to the Admiral and waited for him to finish speaking. Sure the senator could be doing corrupt things, but it terms of threats Khristoff was a much larger one.

"This senator is of no concern to me. With Garren on the inside and Meta going after her, I'm sure she'll be taken down within a matter of days. What does concern me is this Khristoff. He has caused the deaths of many and does so hidden in the shadows. If he is hiding out there, I wish to find him and cut him down with my blade before he can do anymore damage."
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