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“Yes, I think the big scary alien might be totally and completely right, and there's absolutely no way that the big scary alien could be wrong about cutting shadows with the other guy we're talking about and I totally can pronounce the name for.” Caboose commented, speaking in a mildly calm tone. He then added, in a very loud whisper that everyone could hear, to Meta “Psst, if the big scary alien is wrong, can I come with you? I'm sure I could bake the mean lady we're talking about a nice muffin and everyone could join a birthday party and forget about whatever we're talking about.”

Meta chuckled and told Caboose “Relax Caboose. Listen to anyone who sounds smart and don't team-kill them afterward and you'll get through just fine. Also, don't touch any random buttons.”

“No buttons?! But I love buttons!” Caboose replied horrified.

“Personally, I think the finer details about our separate missions should occur in our own private sessions, Admiral Onasi.” Meta cautioned. “While I would love to hear the gossip on the mission to take down a cult leader, the more entities that are aware of the notion, the less secure the mission is. Likewise, divulging every detail about our senatorial problem would open up our investigation to increased risk of possible media attention and/or other, unwanted notice. Best not to let the left hand not know what the right is doing.”

“And just to let everyone know, I totally understood everything that Meta just said right now. Everything. And my left hand never knows what the right hand is doing, it's like they're two different people!”
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