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Originally Posted by VeniVidiVicous View Post
So I was thinking something close to the mass effect combat system mixed with the SW:Kotor setting in an mmo might just sell me.
Meh...Mass Effect combat was really good (especially in the second game), but I can't see it working well in an MMO with open worlds and possibly PvP servers.

Originally Posted by VeniVidiVicous View Post
I presumed seeing as it was a mmo and a continuation of kotor that they wouldn't want anything too taxing on pc's in terms of graphics so I assumed they go with the look and style of the previous 2 games. (which I also happen to like)
Well, the thing about KotOR and TSL's graphics are...well...if they wanted to go with that look/style now, they'd have to make the game very realistic like, say, Aion to avoid getting panned for their graphics, and a lot of people's computers can't support said graphics. Going with the exact same graphics as the two games would be terrible, 'cuz frankly, they look kinda grainy and a bit ugly now.

Originally Posted by VeniVidiVicous View Post
I saw a gameplay video. Not only did they not incorporate a new combat system for the mmo genre, they went a completely different direction for the visuals of the game.

The characters in this game look a lot like WoW characters to me. So anychance of me getting immersed into the game (and my potential character or characters) was gone. I always liked how the previous games looked and it genuinely surprised me that they mirrored WoW with the aesthetics here.
To each his own. You either like the graphics or don't; nothing wrong with not caring for them.

Originally Posted by VeniVidiVicous View Post
As a closing point, I think this game truely had the potential to break through a lot of the things that prevent certain gamers from playing mmo's.
Unfortunately, a large percentage of those "certain gamers" wouldn't be satisfied with TOR any more than other MMOs despite the non-conventional aspects of it, and the current MMO players would mostly stick to their old, familiar playstyles, leaving Bioware with another dead Star Wars MMO.

Originally Posted by VeniVidiVicous View Post
Unfortunatly this game will not be that genre-altering title I was hoping for.
The thing about genre-altering titles is...for every one that actually alters a genre, there are a hundred that do nothing but get dropped in the bargain bin. This is Bioware's first MMO. They can't afford to risk an utter failure. :/

In conclusion, I completely understand what you're saying (and I'm most definitely not criticising you for not planning to play TOR ). Different strokes for different folks and all that. However, I think that Bioware's made the smartest business decision they could make for TOR's finer aspects.

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