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"Jedi Knights Juhani and Perdante? I'd like you to follow Captain Starr to the main hangar, where the Millennial awaits. Misters Zen and Caboose? Please follow, because you'll be joining them. As for you, you will also be aboard the Millennial. Hopefully, you'll be sobered up before you ever get a request to fly the ship."

Melany glared at the Admiral. "Yeah, haha. Very funny, Admiral." She nudged the Admiral out of her way so she could lean against the wall. "Go screw off somewhere," she muttered once she leant on the wall. She placed her hands in her pockets. Death sticks. Good. She'll need them during the trip.

"Okay, are we going now? Or are we gonna sit here and chit-chat all day?" Melany said out loud, waiting for a response. She really wanted to see some action.

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