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((...Fara's been gone from there for a while, but...I guess she's managed to teleport, too...))

"Haven't the foggiest." Fara answered the younger of the two Jedi, looking over the ship. It was positively massive, stretching several stories into the sky and several blocks in either direction. The Captain stood with hands in pockets as she watched the last of the Republic maintenance crews leaving the ship's inner corridors and hull surface in preparation for her departure. She was an old ship...but she ran well, and with the scheduled repairs, she would be as good as new. "They probably went off to get something to eat and got lost--"

"Eeeeeeeeeey, El Capitan!"

Fara closed her eyes, already knowing what was coming. "Oh Christ." she breathed.

Two men in Republic officer clothing approached the group from behind, parting from their side-by-side stride to move around those collected and come to either side of the Captain. The men - who looked unmistakably alike - slung their arms around the Captain's shoulders and grinned at her annoyed look.

"You know, Mic, I think she's happy to see us!"

"It's been a long time since I've seen that expression, Sal."

"Behave yourself, boys." Fara said, stepping out from the arms and turning around to look at all collected - the two Republic officers in particular. "We have civilian company."

The officers looked at each other and then quickly turned to look at the group, blinking. Two identical smiles split their lips simultaneously. "Well, hello there," they said in unison, crossing towards them. One took Melany's hand, the other took Perdante's. "It's quite a pleasure to meet you."

"Everyone," Fara said, sounding exhausted already. "Meet the Caraway twins. Mica," she pointed to one with spiky brown hair, "And Salvatore." The other, then, with flat hair of the same color.
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