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"Charmed, I'm sure",

Juhani smiled a vey tight smile as one of the two men shook the hand of her apprentice. I wonder if they know that the current leader of the Jedi Order is right next to them? And I wonder if they know that that woman is my apprentice.

"You handled that well Perdante." She said glaring at the two men.

"Thank you for volunteering, Mr. Rand. "I hear that you have travelled aboard the Ebon Hawk with the Jedi Exile. True?"

Atton smiled slightly as some of the memories of the time he had traveled with the exile returned to him. Those had been some of the best times of his life.

"True. I traveled with the exile from the begining of her journey on Peragus until the end of her journey at Malachor. I was actually the pilot of the hawk for most of the journey."

"But enough about me. I heard that you traveled with Revan back during the Jedi Civil war. What was it like traveling with Revan?"
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